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  • Face And Body Cleanser..

    ل.د 125.00

    This electric facial brush, with 4 separate heads, will take deep care of your face and body. Get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, dead skin cells and blackheads and also wide pores with 100% efficiency! You can rest assured that all impurities will vanish!

    Big brush : for body skin and hands
    Small brush : for face skin
    The sponge : To moisturize face skin
    Pumice : To polish and remove rough skin
    from elbows and feet

  • Feet Care

    ل.د 85.00

    Removes the toughest callus and dried skin on your foot. Ergonomically designed to fit so perfectly in palm of your hand for good control and comfort. This machine uses rotational force to quickly shave off callus and restore your foot back to normal