Black Seed Oil

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Pour a small amount of black seed oil on the palm of your hand then rub both of your hands together to warm it up. Start messaging your scalp especially areas with less hair. Make sure to spread it all over your head concentrating on the roots and leave it for a period of time between 30 minutes to an hour then wash it with a shampoo.

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What’s ailing you? Is it dull, lifeless hair rough dry skin or aches and pains? Whatever your complaint, you could get some relief from our Black Seed Oil! It’s a true cure-all in many cultures and has over 100 valuable nutrients. Extracted from the seeds of the flowering Nigella stavia plant, this potent oil is affectionately known as the “Blessed oil” in the Middle East and is used around the world as an anti-inflammatory for cramps pains and spasms. It’s also an effective chest rub to combat respiratory issues and a topical oil for skin conditions such as acne and eczema.


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